Bayern got rid of another absurdity

Submitted by on Ene 27, 2021

The Bavarian team’s breathing benefited from the goals of Lewandowski and Müller, who aimed to prevent those in red from prolonging the crisis after the defeat of Kiel.

Bayern needs to win after Pocal’s failures and have not failed. The Bundesliga champion once again defeated the brave Freiburg 2-1, who once again exposed Munich’s rear, and ultimately did not magically grab the tie from the Allianz Arena after Peterson shot the crossbar for the last time.

In this way, Bayern breathed a sigh for Lewandowski and Müller’s goals. Their goal was that after the Kiel Cup knockout, the red players did not fall into a crisis of results. More importantly: Due to the breakthrough of the Leipzig and Dortmund teams, Bayern leads the Red Bull-sponsored team by a quarter of a day. Everything is done in order.

On the fourth day after Pokal in Kiel was hit, Flick held a grand dinner. Bayern was in the Bavarian engine room at Kimmich and Goretzka, while Lewandowski was at the top of the list and took the time to control the crash. Unlike the embarrassing blackjack host, they did show the deadliest side to Freiburg. Müller leaked cargo from Gnabry to Lewandowski, and the Poles shot Müller in the local frame, setting a new record. With his 21st goal, he defeated «Torpedo» Muller (20 years old) in the first round of the Bundesliga and won the top scorer.

The champion was able to increase his income through Gnabry. Gnabry had to retire and was injured and eventually replaced by Sané. The former Manchester City player only forgiven Mueller, which allowed Freiburg to return to the game and ashamed to approach Neuer’s goal. He confirmed that Bayern’s defensive legs are still trembling, and this time the person who took advantage of this advantage was former Munich Petersen. Within seconds of entering the playing field, Petersen tied the head after a corner kick, and no one stopped him from a further position. The current Munich defense affairs.

What happened next was expected, and Freiburg knew it better than anyone. The Bavarians needed to conquer the three points after winning on the Baltic coast, so they did their best to win, advance, and, as always, provide space at the rear where Freiburg knew they could fight. Hohler led the clearest ball, Hoffler was about to achieve to overcome the crash, but his shot expanded. The match was between the siege of Munich and the counterattack of Bataan. In the end, Mueller’s right hand tilted towards the champion. When Peterson passed the ball to the crossbar in the last breath, the ghost appeared again. He was saved. This time,

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