Milan, the winter champion despite playing Atlanta

Submitted by on Ene 27, 2021

Real Madrid’s Champions League opponent defeated San Siro with a deserved 3-0, but due to Inter’s 0-0 record in Udine, Rossoneri finished the first round in the first place.

Since March 2020, Milan has only lost one league match against Juventus on January 6. After that defeat, Rossoneri looked up and beat Torino twice (once after a free throw, in the Cup) and Cagliari. They received an Atlanta{camisetas del Atalanta baratas} man with confidence, and he came from two consecutive draws. However, La Dea is an unpredictable team. In San Siro, they once again showed their best side, that is, in the big matches in Madrid.

Gasperini’s team took the lead in the first half. They entered the rest area with a 0-1 advantage, which was too close to what was seen. Milani, who started with the recently signed Meité instead of Brahim (experiment failed: Pioli put the Málaga player in the 46′ position), barely created danger. Nerazzurri followed the highly inspired Ilicic, headed from Romero after a corner kick and continued the attack without pause.

His incredible performance in the second half yielded fruitful results when the unstoppable Slovenian forced and made a 2-0 free throw. Brahim is a purposeless Ibra, the only one who can show signs of Milanese life, but this is not enough to prevent Atta, who has taken office with Zapata and subsequently signed the verdict Lanta (Atalanta). In Milan, however, the good news also has an afternoon of forgetting Inter Milan, who after 21 consecutive games failed to score, he did not exceed 0-0 Udinese during his visit.{Camisetas de futbol 2020}

The Milanese could hardly find space, and when this happened, they met a great Musso. A huge wasted opportunity caused Conte to lose his credentials: the coach ended up arguing with the referee and was dismissed with the manager Oriali. Nerazzurri’s setback handed over the title of winter champion to his «cousin», whose lead is now 2 points. Calcio’s second round of commitments are

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