The best Bundesliga is born in 2021! The German international ice prince possesses himself, turns gorgeously and breaks through the crotch

Submitted by on Ene 8, 2021

On the evening of January 2nd, Beijing time, the 14th round of the Bundesliga continued to go on fiercely. Frankfurt played at the Commerzbank Arena at home against Leverkusen!

Frankfurt played well this season, with 3 wins, 8 draws and 2 losses. The team’s deficiency is too many draws. Before the last round of away wins in Augsburg, the team ended 9 rounds without victories; while Leverkusen was in the last round. In the first battle against Bayern, Bayern was reversed 1-2 at home. With Lewandowski’s injury time at the end of the game, Bayern made a lore, which is conceivable for Leverkusen’s morale. .

The game only opened for 9 minutes. This was Leverkusen’s offensive cooperation. Wiertz, who held the ball outside the arc, chose to pass to the penalty area. At this time, Amily, who was in the middle of the penalty area, turned around to meet Weier. Cis passed the ball, facing the attacking goalkeeper Trapp, Amiri’s heel penetrated the crotch and scored, Amiri copied the ice prince Dennis Bergkamp and scored a wonderful goal. Leverkusen took the lead!

Until the 22nd minute, this was Frankfurt’s counterattack opportunity. After Sow held the ball near the center circle, he gave a forward pass. The ball found the forward inserted teammate Younis, and then Younis got the ball. After a single pass, Younis faced the goalkeeper Hradecki in the penalty area and directly pushed the far corner to score. Frankfurt equalized the score!

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